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Prof. Catherine Tucker



Professor of Anthropology and Latin American Studies
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University of Florida (United States of America, None)


Biological Sciences
Biodiversity, Terrestrial Ecosystems
Integrated Systems
Social-ecological Systems
Social Sciences and Humanities
Ethnology, Social and Human Geography, Environmental Governance, Anthropology


Research Expertise
Interdisciplinary Research, Transdisciplinary Research
Field Observations, Integrative Assessments, Policy Analysis, Qualitative Social Science Methods, Participant observation
Mountain Ranges of Research Expertise
Andes, Western Honduras Highlands, Sierra Norte de Oaxaca
Mountain Ranges of Research Interest
Alps, Andes, Global -- broad interest in mountain social ecological systems, climate change and environmental governance of mountains around the world
Spatial Scale of Expertise
Global/Hemispheric, Local/Community, National/Cultural, Regional
Statistical Focus
Mean Change/Trends, Variability
Time Scales
Decadal/Centennial, Seasonal/Annual
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List of publications
Steger, C., J. A. Klein, R. S. Reid, S. Lavorel, C.M. Tucker, K.A. Hopping, R. Marchant, T. Teel, A. Cuni-Sánchez, T. Dorji, G. Greenwood, R. Huber, K-A. Kassam, D. Kreuer, A. Nolin, A. Russell, J. Sharp, M. Šmid Hribar, J.P.R. Thorn, G. Grant, M. Mahdi, M. Moreno, D. Waiswa. 2021. Science with Society: Evidence-based Guidance for Best Practices in Environmental Transdisciplinary Work. Global Environmental Change 68:102240. Steger, C., S. Hirsch, C. Cosgrove, S. Inman, E. Nost, X. Shinbrot, J.P.R. Thorn, D.G. Brown, A. Grêt Regamey, B. Múller, R.S. Reid, C.M. Tucker, B. Weibel, J. A. Klein. 2021. Linking Model Design and Application for Transdisciplinary Approaches in Social-Ecological Systems. Global Environmental Change 66:102201. URL: Thorn, J., J. A. Klein, C. Steger, K. A. Hopping, C. M. Tucker, C. Capitani, A. Nolin, R. S. Reid, , R. Seidl, V. Chitale and R. Marchant. 2020. 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